Broadway Bucket List

I’ve been thinking recently about what my Broadway-related goals are, or rather, what I’ve decided to call my Broadway Bucket List. Some of these thing I’ve been thinking about for a while and some are more recent ideas/additions that have come to mind as I’ve been thinking about the list and the possibility of making a post about said list. Some of the things on this list are more achievable than others but when it comes to Broadway I think you’re supposed to dream big! So without further ado, let’s get to it!

  • See a show in every Broadway theatre
    • This is probably my biggest Broadway goal. There are 41 Broadway theatres at this point in time and I have seen shows in 13 of those theatres. This is a goal that will take a while to complete so I am interested to see how the number of theatres changes- if some are added, if some are closed either permanently or just for renovation. Along those lines, I am really glad I got to see a show at the Palace before it closed for its big renovation. I look forward to adding more theatres to my list on my future trips!
  • Continue going to BroadwayCon every year
    • I’m very glad that I have been able to attend BroadwayCon every year so far since it started in 2016 and I am hoping that I will be able to continue to do so as the convention continues to take place each year.
  • See a Broadway Show during its out-of-town tryout (not in Toronto)
    • I would love to see a show in its early stages before it heads to Broadway. I know these shows are sometime performed in Toronto but I would like to go to another city ( such as Chicago, Boston, Washington, etc) where you can frequently find these pre-Broadway runs.
  • As an addition to the previous goal I would love to see a show out-of-town and then on Broadway to see the changes that are made
  • See the first preview of a Broadway show
  • Attend Opening Night of a Broadway show
  • Go to the Tony Awards
    • I will likely never be in a position to be nominated for Tony and I know there are public ticket sales for the event, but I’ll admit I would love the opportunity to go as someone’s plus one (another unlikely scenario, but a girl can dream).
  • Go to the Broadway Flea Market
  • Attend Elsie Fest
  • Go backstage at a Broadway theatre
  • Have an actual conversation with Jennifer Tepper
    • I’m very much inspired by Jennifer Tepper and I’ve had the privilege of meeting her at autograph panels at BroadwayCon, but I would love to have a full conversation with her. I have no idea what I would say, but as this is another thing I don’t anticipate happening for quite some time, if ever, I have a lot of time to think about it.
  • See a Broadway Princess Party show
  • Go on every Broadway Up Close Walking Tour
    • So far I’ve been on 3 of the 5 tours they offer. I’ve been on the Act I and II tours and the Hamiltour. I still have to go on the Act III and Ghostlight tours!
  • Performers I would like to see live
    • Some of the people on this list, I just want to see in any capacity (show, concert, whatever) and some I really want to see in a show. I’m sure there are many more people as well, these are just the ones that currently come to mind
      • Matt Doyle (I saw him at 54 Below but really want to see him in a show); Aaron Tveit, Jeremy Jordan, Laura Benanti (I saw her at a BroadwayCon panel but would love to see her in a show), Lin-Manuel Miranda (another person I’ve seen at BroawdayCon but want to see in a show), Gavin Creel, Leslie Odom Jr, Laura Osnes (OK, yes, I have seen her in a show, but I want to see her again!)

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