It’s a Community Feeling

Whether in big groups or small the theatre has a way of bringing people together (literally and figuratively).

When you go somewhere like BroadwayCon this impact is is abundantly clear and being there you are smack dab in the middle of the Broadway community, a community made up of professionals and fans alike. But the community isn’t limited to events like this or being in New York City. When you’re sitting in the audience in a darkened theatre, wherever that theatre happens to be, with a few hundred other people, for those two and a half hours you are all seeing the same story playing out before your eyes, reacting to the same things, sharing in that experience. Even when you’re just among friends, theatre and musicals can still bring people together in a room.

I love watching musicals with my friends whether it’s watching and singing along to a show we all know and love, introducing friends to one of my favourites, being introduced to their favourites or watching something none of us have seen. It’s always such a great experience. Just recently I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and we ended up watching Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (yes, the Donny Osmond movie). Looking at the group who were watching the movie, we’re all at varying levels of musical theatre fandom, and varying knowledge levels with regards to Joseph– some having seen the movie, some knowing the musical but not having seen the movie, and some not knowing the show at all. And it was so much fun! People were singing along, some having previously performed in productions, and talking about the costumes and the cast and the music. It’s no secret that I love watching movie musicals and a lot of the time I’m just watching them at home by myself (not that there is anything wrong with that). But it’s a different experience when you’re watching them with other people. It’s fun to share that experience with your friends. Going to the theatre is such a communal experience, so why not when you watch a musical in the privacy of your own home? Plus when you’re watching it at home, whether alone or in a group, it is perfectly acceptable to sing along and talk through it (as long as everyone one is on board with that), though it can also be a bit intimidating to sing along when your friends are very talented singers and performers and you’re more of a sing in the shower but only when you’re home alone type.

To be honest I’m not even really sure what the “point” of this post is. I just had so much fun watching Joseph with my friends and it reminded me just how much fun it is to watch movie musicals with friends and that you can experience that theatre/Broadway community feeling anywhere. And it’s a lot more fun to sing along to show tunes with other people, whether it’s in a room of hundreds at BroadwayCon or with a group of friends sitting around a TV (or laptop).