Theatre Facts About Me

If you’re going to be taking the time to read this blog, I figure you deserve to know a little about me. Rather than just giving my basic biography, however, I thought I would keep with the theme of the blog and keep the facts theatre related. So without further ado, I give you Theatre Facts About Me!

  1. The first “big,” Broadway-style show I saw was We Will Rock You, in Toronto.
  2. I have seen We Will Rock You 6 times. I saw the Toronto run 4 times, twice at the Canon Theatre (which is now the Ed Mirvish Theatre) and twice after it moved to the Panasonic Theatre. I saw the show once at the Dominion Theatre in London and I saw the North American tour when it came to Toronto to the Ed Mirvish Theatre.
  3. My first Broadway show was How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying starring Darren Criss.
  4. I saw a West End show before I saw a Broadway show. I went to school in England for a year in 2010/2011 and my first trip to NYC was in 2012.
  5. I have now been to New York City a total of 3 times. I have seen 8 Broadway shows, 1 Off-Broadway show, 1 concert at 54 Below (before it was Feinstein’s/54 Below) and 1 BroadwayCon.
  6. My favourite Broadway theatre (at the moment) is the Wintergarden. I have seen two shows there that I’ve loved (Rocky and School of Rock) and I like the layout of the theatre, which I’ve gotten to experience from both from the balcony and the orchestra.
  7. I spell theatre with an “-re” every time. I know some people spell it “-er” and some differentiate between the art form and the building, but I stick with “-re”.
  8. I graduated as a Drama Major from Queen’s Univeristy.
  9. In the theatre (student and community) I have worked on various crews (set/carp., sound, props), as a sound designer, a set designer, assistant technical director, and assistant stage manager
  10. My favourite show that I’ve worked on was a production of Spring Awakening. It was a new adaptaion of the play by Anya Reiss and I was the Assistant Stage Manager.
  11. Not surprisingly, more than half of the songs on my iPod are showtunes.
  12. My top 5 most played songs on iTunes right now are: “Role of a Lifetime”- Bare the Album- Act 1; “By My Side”- Godspell (The New Broadway Cast Recording); “We Beseech Thee”- Godspell (The New Broadway Cast Recording); “All for the Best”- Godspell (The New Broadway Cast Recording); “Beautiful City”- Godpsell (The New Broadway Cast Recording)
  13. Smash is one of my favourite TV shows and I’m sad we only got 2 seasons of it.
  14. It makes me happy when shows/movies/etc. about the theatre show stage managers calling cues.
  15. My current dream job is working in a theatre bookstore.

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