Intro: The Broadway Lover’s Guide to Not Living Near Broadway

If you’re taking the time to read this blog 1) Thank you! and 2) You are probably a Broadway (or theatre in general) fan! (If you’re not, you might be in the wrong place, but by all means, continue reading! We might just make a Broadway fan of you yet!)

Now the thing about Broadway is that it is only physically located in one city, in one country, on the whole planet. While there are other theatre “hubs” around the world (London’s West End, for example) there is only 1 Broadway. And I’m sure there are a lot of you who, like me, don’t live in that one city or even that one country. Living in Ontario, Canada, I’m not actually that far from New York City but a lot of the time I feel as though it might as well be on the other side of the world. That being said, Broadway still plays a HUGE role in my life and I’ve decided to use this first post on my new blog to share with you, the readers (if there actually are any of you) a general idea of how this Broadway enthusiast stays enthusiastic away from the Great White Way. (I will likely go into more detail about some, if not all, of these things in future posts, so consider this a general list of sorts!)

  • The Internet/Social Media
    • This is a big one! I keep up with all the Broadway news by following,, Playbill and more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A lot of my Twitter feed is taken up by various theatre artists, insiders, and specific show accounts. YouTube is also an important source for watching videos posted by the above mentioned sites, past Tony Awards performances, show clips, videos from Broadway events and concerts, etc.
  • Cast Recordings
    • I get most of my cast recordings from iTunes, buy CDs occasionally, and listen to them online (full albums &/or playlists) with Spotify, Accuradio, and 8Tracks. Cast recordings serve multiple purposes for me: they give me the chance to experience shows I have never, and may never see live; and they allow me to relive shows I have been fortunate enough to see. It will probably come as no surprise to hear that more than half my iPod is filled with showtunes (what else would you expect from someone writing a Broadway blog?!)
  • Books (both fiction and non-fiction)
    • I love reading and I love reading books about the theatre. Novels, coffee-table books, history-related books, biographies/autobiographies, etc., I’m interested in it all!
  • Movies & Filmed Productions
    • I love a good movie musical! I also love the number of professionaly filmed productions available now- whether on DVD, at the movie theatre (National Theatre Live I’m looking at you), on TV (the main programming I care about on PBS now, when I have cable that is). Similar to cast recordings they give me the chance to experience shows I may never see otherwise and let me re-experience shows with which I am already familiar
  • Local and Touring Theatre
    • this includes student, community, amateur, professional and touring productions. Due to budgetary restrictions I don’t get to see as much or as much variety of productions as I would like and lately my viewing is mainly focused on the programming offered by Mirvish (the big theatre company in Toronto that is responsible for bringing in the big touring productions as well producing Canadian productions of popular musicals, among other programming)
  • Podcasts
    • right now my podcast listening is mainly focused on the Theater People Podcast and The Ensemblist (both of which are amazing!) though I am always looking to expand my listening options!

Like I said, that’s a general idea of how I get my Broadway fix wherever I am, with or without internet (though it’s certainly a lot better with internet!!) and I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts on these and other things on this blog in the future!

Basically my main goal with this whole endeavour is to share and express my love for Broadway, and theatre in general, and to have fun and be creative in the process!

If you’re feeling up to it I would love to bring you on this Broadway-filled journey with me! Join me won’t you?! [insert “Magic to Do” reference here]



2 thoughts on “Intro: The Broadway Lover’s Guide to Not Living Near Broadway

    1. A few of the books I’ve really enjoyed/found really interesting are “Act One” by Moss Hart (which was also actually turned into a play a couple years ago); “Song of Spiderman” by Glen Berger (it was really interesting to get some insight into everything that happened with “Spiderman Turn Off the Dark”); “The Untold Stories of Broadway” by Jennifer Ashley Tepper (I’m currently reading Volume 1- there are 2 out so far- and it gives a sort of history of the Broadway theatres from the people that have spent time in them). I’ll probably be making some more specific book related posts at some point that will go into more detail about the theatre books I’ve read (and the ones I’m still planning to read)! 🙂


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